How to Upgrade to the New Fusebox

Ready to make the jump from Fusebox Classic? Depending on the type of subscription you have, your instructions will be a little different. 

If you have not reviewed what Fusebox offers or the differences between Fusebox Classic and the new Fusebox, we suggest you check out those articles now.

Below are three scenarios for how to upgrade to the new Fusebox

  • Upgrading from a Pro plan (either monthly or annual)
  • Upgrading from a Pro plan (lifetime)
  • Upgrading from a Free plan

Upgrading from Fusebox Classic (on a Monthly or Annual Plan)

When you're ready to upgrade, simply email with your podcast's RSS feed—we'll take care of the rest!

If you'd like to know the finer details about how an upgrade works. Here's a rundown of what happens.

  1. Our database will find your existing account and securely migrate your billing information to the new platform.
  2. Using your RSS feed and your securely copied billing information, the new platform creates a new account and subscription — During this step, you'll be charged for a new subscription at the same interval you previously had on the classic plugin (either monthly or annually).
  3. You'll receive an email to complete your new account setup

Free Podcast Hosting

Now that podcast hosting is included in ALL paid plans, you have the option to ditch your existing podcast host. Since we don't force anyone to switch podcast hosts, here are the instructions for how to make the switch:

Your Website

Here are the steps you'll want to complete in order to get things fully switched over.

If your website offers a backlog of episodes, and you don't feel like replacing all of the previous players, make sure to check out this article — Using the Fusebox Migration Tool for WordPress.

Upgrading from Fusebox Classic (on a Lifetime License plan)

If you purchased a lifetime license key to  Smart Podcast Player, your upgrade path is pretty simple!

To get started, go to this page and create a new account. 

Enter your podcast's RSS feed, and select whether you'd like a Free, Starter, or Pro subscription. 

As the new Fusebox is an entirely new product, creating a new account will begin a new subscription. Click here to view our current pricing.

It's important to remember that the license key for Lifetime License users never expires. This means you may remain on Fusebox classic plugin for as long as you'd like without any interruptions to your account, for as long as WordPress supports the plugin. 

It's worth noting that this plugin was built in 2015, and it's likely WordPress will eventually no longer support it.

Upgrading from Fusebox Classes (on a Free plan)

As there is no subscription to migrate, simply go to this page and create a new account. 

You will still need to provide your RSS URL to create an account. 

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