Fusebox Support


Step 1: Setting Up Your Player

Getting Started

Start here if you're brand new! Learn how to install your Smart Podcast Player.

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Answering your questions about getting started with SPP.

12 articles

Step 2: Customize Your Player

Full Player

All the things you need to know to customize your full player.

9 articles

Track Player

All the things you need to know to customize your track player.

5 articles


Highlight colors, theme colors, and more. Customize your SPP colors.

2 articles


Images for your full player or track player.

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If you want to customize your shortcode, here's where to learn.

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Social media! Social sharing, adding your social buttons, and more.

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Technical and Troubleshooting

General Questions

Answers to general questions about the plugin and its compatibility

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Troubleshooting the RSS Feed

Fixes for problems with your feed or episode tracks

3 articles

Troubleshooting SoundCloud

Fixes for SoundCloud-specific issues

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Troubleshooting WordPress

Fixes for problems within WordPress and the Plugin

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Subscription Center

Subscription Management

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New Features

Version 2.7

3 articles

Version 2.8

1 article

Version 2.9

1 article

Transcript Plugin

1 article

Clickable Timestamps

2 articles

Gutenberg Editor

1 article

Version 2.6

2 articles

Sticky Player

1 article

Email Integration

All you need to know to customize your new email capture feature.

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Fusebox Team Info


Holiday hours, regular hours, how to contact the SPP team.

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