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Whether you're brand new to Fusebox or already have an account, we've made getting podcasting easier...and cheaper! All paid plans on Fusebox include podcast hosting at no extra cost!!

Below, you will find the instruction for...

  1. Creating a new account using Fusebox's Easy Hosting
  2. Migrating an existing podcast to Fusebox 

Creating a new account using Fusebox's Easy Hosting

If you're just starting a podcast and need a podcast host—the setup process is quite straightforward. 

Fusebox's Easy Hosting is automatically enabled when you select " Start a New Podcast in the setup screens. Simply choose between a Start or Pro plan to create your new podcast with Easy Hosting.

Check out this video below to learn how to create a NEW podcast with Fusebox

Migrating from another podcast host

Whether you're already a paying subscriber OR you just signed up for a plan, podcast hosting is included with both our Starter and Pro plan. 

So, why pay for TWO podcast hosts?! Here are the instructions to migrate your podcast from your existing host to Fusebox's Easy Hosting—and to make things even easier, we'll copy ALL of your published episodes for you!

Step 1 — Existing Podcast Host

In order for Fusebox to copy your published episodes, we need to establish a connection to your existing podcast host. If you got over-excited at the idea of free hosting and canceled your subscription with your existing host, you'll need to have them turn the RSS feed on again.

Step 2 — Toggle ON Easy Hosting

Within your Fusebox dashboard...

  • Go to your Show Settings page.
  • Click the Hosting tab.
  • Toggle on Easy Hosting to begin the migration.

Step 3 — Hang tight

Copying your episodes from your previous host can take some time—and a lot of it depends on...

  • The total number of episodes
  • The size of each episode file
  • And how your previous host organized the information inside the RSS feed.

What that means is don't go and cancel the subscription to your previous host until the migration is completed. Doing so will interrupt the migration process and possibly delay your being able to upload new episodes.

Once the migration is completed, you'll receive an e-mail letting you know it's time to start uploading episodes. After you receive that notification, you're all set to cancel the subscription to your existing host.

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