Using the Fusebox Migration Tool for WordPress

Have you recently upgraded to the newest version of Fusebox, but all of your previous episodes are stuck with the old player? 

Our WordPress plugin offers the ability to find any Fusebox player on your website AND replace it with a new one! All you have to do is click a few buttons. 

To help show you how to make this a seamless process, we've broken the steps down into TWO parts. 

  1. Preparation
  2. Migration


First, make sure you've downloaded and installed the most recent version of the Fusebox Player plugin, currently. v3.2.0 (as of 6/1/2022). If you're not sure where to download the plugin, follow the steps in this article

Next, connect your Fusebox Player plugin to your Fusebox account by pasting your API token inside the plugin's settings. If you're not sure how to do that, check out this article

Make sure all of the shows you wish to migrate have been added to your new Fusebox account. 

Players for any show you are  not migrating will become disabled after completing these steps. Please make sure you're prepared to replace the players for any show you're not migrating with another podcast player. 

Finally, be sure to style and configure the players to your preference


Once you've completed all the preparation steps above, please return to your WordPress admin and navigate to Fusebox Player within your Settings section from the left-hand menu.

Next, click on the Migration from Classic Player tab and click the GO! button when you're ready.

The plugin will now find all of the matching podcast episodes in your RSS feed and list them below. 

*** For those who add an episode number to the episode title *** 

Please keep in mind that the episode number may not match the episode count as episode titles may or may not contain the episode number consistently. 

If you feel there are discrepancies with the episode count vs. the episode number, please reach out to your host for support as the plugin is directly reading this information from your podcast host.

Once the Fusebox Player plugin has detected all of your podcast episodes, navigate to the Plugins section of the left-hand menu. Scroll down the list of plugins to find Fusebox Player Classic...and deactivate it.

As you'll see, when refreshing the page, your players will now have switched to the matching, updated Fusebox player.

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