Podcast Host Migration (Fusebox Classic)

Did you recently switch podcast hosts only to find your Fusebox players stopped working? If so, the Podcast Host Migration Tool is here to help!

In short, every podcast player is powered by your podcast's RSS feed—and if that changes, you need to let the plugin know your new RSS feed. Thankfully, we built a handy migration tool that will help redirect all of your players to your NEW podcast host—even if it's not hosted with Fusebox. 

The instructions to complete a podcast host migration are below.

How To Use the Host Migration Tool

Step 1

  • Complete the switch from your old podcast how to your new host (hopefully, it's Fusebox! 😉).
  • Make sure your new host has successfully imported every episode from your old host—otherwise, there will most likely be a discrepancy in the number of episodes our plugin can find.
  • When switching podcast hosts, your old host typically initiates a URL redirect to your new RSS feed (called a 301 redirect). It's important to wait until after you've completed the host migration process before having your old host turn on the URL redirect.

Step 2

  • Enable Host Migration in the Fusebox Classic Player settings inside WordPress.
  • Under the "Advanced" tab, toggle "ON" the Host Migration feature.
  • In turn, this will present you with new options below.
  • Click the Host Migration tab and then click on the first tab, Host Migration Overview.

Step 3

  • Click the "Match URLs via RSS feed (best method)" tab. This is the best method, and we'll explain why below.

Step 4

  • Paste the RSS feed from your old host and new host in the corresponding boxes.
  • Once completed, click the "Load feeds and compare" button.

  • You should see a list of potential replacements, as in your episodes from your new feed replacing the episodes from your old feed. 
  • If the replacements look good, click on the "Add results" button.

Step 5

  • After you click on the button, you'll see results successfully added.
  • Navigate to the "Current replacements" tab and you'll see all of your replacements there.
  • Click the "Remove all replacements" button.
  • If you feel unsure about using the feature, email us at help@fusebox.fm for assistance.

Now that you've made it to the end, it's safe to have your host enable the 301 redirect so your current listeners can find your new episodes.


If you recently switched hosts (even if it wasn't Fusebox), there are a few things you'll need to complete—such as updating each podcast directory with your new RSS feed. Use this article to learn how to implement a 301 redirect and update podcast directories with your new RSS feed — You can start on Step #4

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