Install Fusebox on WordPress (API Token)

This feature is WordPress Only

Installing Fusebox 2.0 to WordPress

If embedding a player is not feasible for your website or you prefer to manage your plater within WordPress Admin, you're in luck! 

For WordPress users only, we offer an API Token that will allow you to connect Fusebox 2.0 to your WordPress Admin. Here's how to get this up and running!

From your Fusebox dashboard, click your profile icon in the bottom, left-hand corner. Next click the Settings button from the pop-up menu.

This will load you to your settings page. Scroll to the bottom to find your API Token.

Click Copy to copy the entire key. Now head over to WordPress Admin.

First, ensure you've installed the most recent version of Fusebox by downloading it from your Fusebox dashboard.

Next, upload the file to WordPress via the Add Plugins section

Finally, click Settings in the left-hand menu, and click Fusebox Player and paste in your API Token key.

You will now see Fusebox 2.0 within the Blocks window when editing a page or post.

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