Creating and customizing a player

Choosing the style and look of your podcast player can be just as important as the function and features. 
That's why it's important to customize your podcast player the way you want it. 

To begin, head to your Shows page and click the desired show. 

On the next page, you will see two sections - Archive Players and Single Track Players

An Archive Player is great for allowing listeners to easily browse your entire library of episodes. 

Single Track Player is great for showcasing a specific episode or embedding it on a page with show notes. 

Let's start with creating an Archive Player.

1. Creating and customizing Archive Players

Under the Archive Player section is a list of players you've created and the accompanying embed code to use on your website. 

You can create different Archive Players for different parts of your website or different websites, entirely! 

If you haven't created any players this section will be empty.

To create a new Archive Player click + New Archive Player.

Next, give the player a name. This will help keep your players organized when you return to this section later. Inevitably you will want to edit your players and this will help you differentiate one player from another.

To edit the name of an existing Archive Player, click the small pencil icon

Once you've given your Archive Player a name, you're finally ready for the fun part!

the Archive Players customizations are broken into 4 sections. 

  1. Player
  2. Playlist
  3. Colors
  4. Call to Action

Some customization options are only unlocked with a Pro subscription. 

Feel free to try out different styles, colors, and settings.

As you update the player customization settings, the player preview will update to show you what the player will look like.

Want to make a list of Featured episodes about a specific topic that is easily filterable?

Search for the desired episodes in the Single Track Players section and Click the small Star icon next to those episodes. 

These episodes will show up in the Featured tab of your Archive Player.

2. Selecting and customizing Single Track Players

Under the Single Track Players section is a list of your podcast episodes (in order by published date). 

Looking for a specific episode? Use the Search episode box in the top-right corner. 

You can also customize the look of each Single Track Player by clicking on the episode.

3. Creating a Sticky Player

How can we forget about our one-of-a-kind Sticky Player?! Want to set your website apart from the rest, toss in a Sticky Player.

To create a Sticky Player, head back to the + New Archive Player. Weird, we know. 

Name your player just like before.

Finally, in the player settings tab, click Sticky and Save Changes.

Once you save your changes, a label will be added so you can easily find them.

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