Get Your Podcast Listed on a Podcast Directory

One of the goals of starting a podcast is to get other people to listen to your show. The short answer—your podcast has to be listed on a podcast directory. 

"So, what is a podcast directory and how do I actually do that?", you might ask...

A podcast directory is a platform that takes your RSS feed and makes your show available to the world—places like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. 

Here—you'll find the instructions to get your podcast listed on a podcast directory, and more importantly, in the ears of your listeners.

** As a precursor, make sure to plan ahead. Each of these steps takes time, and getting listed and approved by podcast directories can 24-48 hours. In other words, if you're planning a big podcast launch, you might want to start working on these steps in advance. **

Step 1 — Enter all the required information

Before you try and list your show on a directory, you must first answer key details about your show. This includes:

  • Artist's (aka Host's) name
  • Uploading a cover art image
  • Entering a show description
  • Contact e-mail
  • Podcast category
  • Podcast type

If you try and submit your podcast to a directory without entering this information, it will most likely get rejected.

Step 2 — Publish at least 1 episode

Even if it's a short teaser for your show—you must have one (1) episode published. Otherwise, the podcast directories won't be able to list your show.

It's important to keep in mind that directories most likely will not detect your RSS feed if you try to submit it right away. Plan ahead and give yourself a few days of buffer before submitting your show.

Step 3 — Copy your RSS feed

From your Fusebox account, copy your show's RSS feed—you'll need this for each directory you plan on submitting your show to.

Step 4 — Submit your podcast

Sadly, we cannot submit your podcast for you. While there are many reasons why we can't—there are none more important than the fact that submitting a podcast requires creating personal passwords, and we'd like to keep your account safe.

So, here are the links to the podcast directories on which you can submit your podcast. Don't feel like submitting to all of them? That's okay—we recommend starting with the most well-known directories

"The Big Three"...
Additional Directories

Step 5 — Hang tight

Each podcast directory approves new podcasts at its own pace. While one directory might approve your show within a few hours, another could take a few days.

Typically, each directory will send you an e-mail once your show has been approved. So, until then—kick back and start planning your next episode.

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