Google Podcasts

Unlike other directories, Google will automatically scan the internet for RSS URLs that meet their formatting requirements. 

In other words, you don't have to actually "submit" your show to Google Podcasts—rather, Google Podcasts will automatically find your show once it's been indexed. As such, here are the steps to verify whether Google Podcasts has found your show  and how to claim it.

**If you entered your directory details and/or published your first episode, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before attempting to get your podcast listed on Google Podcast.**

Step 1 — Check if Google Podcasts has found your show

Once you've entered all of the required directory details inside your Fusebox Dashboard, Google Podcasts will automatically detect your RSS feed—making it ready for you to claim it. You can review the required directory details here.

To check whether Google Podcasts has found and indexed your RSS feed, click here to go to Google's Podcast Publisher Tools and paste your Fusebox RSS feed.

  • Option A — If your podcast has been found by Google Podcasts, you can jump to Step 3.
  • Option B — If your podcast hasn't yet been found, this means Google Podcasts has not yet crawled the internet to find your show. Though, you can move to Step 2 to speed up that process.

Step 2 — Help Google find your podcast

While Google Podcasts will indeed automatically find your show, it doesn't hurt to help it along the way. To accomplish this...

  • Visit Google's PubSubHubbub Hub to have their directory manually index your RSS feed. 
  • Paste in your Fusebox RSS feed and click "Publish".
  • Keep in mind, there will not be a notification the process has been completed when clicking "Publish"
    • The page also called out there will not be a notification.

Step 3 — Claim Your Podcast

Once you've waited approximately 24-48 hours for Google to index your RSS feed, you can claim it inside Google Podcasts Manager.

Follow the steps on this page to claim your podcasts and link it to your email address. 

If you prefer Google Podcast's official support documentation, you can find those here.

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