Embed Fusebox players using Elementor

While WordPress offers users a wide range of functionality and customizability, it may not be the desired page builder by many. 

That's why our players support Elementor page builder—without any extra configuration setups. 

*** These instructions are for Elementor users only ***

Prepare Your WordPress

Begin by downloading and installing our Fusebox plugin. If you haven't completed that step, you can find the instructions here

Next, style your players to your preferred configuration by following the instructions here

Embed Players Using Elementor

Now that you've completed the preparation steps, you're ready to embed a player. 

Copy the desired Javascript player code from your Fusebox dashboard ( shown here).

Inside Elementor, search for Fusebox from the left-hand menu.

Drag the Fusebox widget to your page, paste the embed code in the Script Tag field, and click Update

When you view your page, the Fusebox player will now be properly displayed. 

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