Copying an embed code

Once you have completed customizing your player and clicked Save Changes, you're ready to grab your embed code. 

If you need to review how to customize your player, click here.

As Fusebox 2.0 players offer different player types, this is a guide on how to find and copy each (Archive, Single Track, or Sticky).

Archive Player

By default, clicking + New Archive Player creates a new Archive Player, as expected. Once you've customized the player to your preference, click the </> Embed Code tab.

You will be given the choice of JavaScript or iFrame embed codes. 

If you're unsure which embed code is right for you, click here to learn more.

Once you've selected a code to copy, click the Copy button.

Sticky Player

If you want a create a Sticky Player, follow the same steps for the Archive Player, but be sure to select Sticky Player in the Player Type section. 

Once you've selected Sticky Player and clicked Save Changes, head over to the </> Embed Code tab to copy the code.

Forgot to give your players a name to help you remember which is which? No worries! 

There is a label next to each player type that is currently a Sticky Player.

Single Track Player

Single Track Players are listed toward the bottom of the page and can be sorted/filtered by episode number, episode title, or keyword search. You may also mark specific episodes as Featured; making it easier to find them later. New episodes will automatically appear here as they're published. 

To customize the Single Track Player, click on the episode title. 

Once you've customized the Single Track Player to your preference, click the </> Embed Code button to the right of the episode. This is a unique code only for this episode.

Finally, copy the desired embed code.


Episodes you mark as Featured will be listed in the Featured tab of any Archive Player

Here, you can see how to mark an episode as Featured...

...and how they automatically show in the Featured section of an Archive Player.

Now it's time to use the embed code on your website!

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