Fusebox Release: Dev Domains, Fusebox Player 2.11 and Transcript 1.2

For each new Fusebox release, whether it's an update to our player plugins and transcript plugin, or an update to your Fusebox dashboard, we document them here in our Fusebox Releases support series. In this release (July 2020), we updated the player plugin to 2.11, the transcript plugin to 1.2, and made an important update to your Fusebox dashboard.

First up, we made an important update to how Fusebox Pro license keys operate with development domains:

Updates to Fusebox Dashboard

  • Development domains no longer counted in site activations total

Development Domains

In the last release, we heard from a few of you that your development domains were being counted toward your active sites. We've implemented a solution for this in and now your dev domains won't count toward your number of site activations! The way it works is that a Pro subscription (i.e. paid monthly or annually) comes with one site activation, which means you can use your license key on one site. Each additional site you want to add your Fusebox tools requires an additional site activation. But if you have a development domain, these won't be counted.

If you have a development or staging site that you do testing on before you add it to your production/live site, this is for you.

Learn more about development domains here.

Version 1.2 of the Fusebox Transcript

In version 1.2 of the transcript plugin, we've added:

  • Email capture functionality (Pro feature)
  • Header color options (Pro feature)
  • Integration with Temi (Pro feature)
  • Updated front-end design

Email Capture for the Transcript Plugin

You can now add an email capture function to your Transcript Plugin, to create another opportunity for you to add your audience to your email list.

See how it looks here:

Currently, we have MailChimp and ConvertKit integration only for email capture in your transcript plugin, but we'll be adding more options in a later release. For now, if you're using either MailChimp or ConvertKit, you can get started!

To set up email capture for your transcript plugin, go here.

Temi API Integration

In the last release (1.1), we introduced an integration of the transcript plugin and Rev.com. In this release, we've introduced another transcription service, Temi! If you have a Temi account, you no longer need to login to Temi, download your .txt file, and upload it to your Transcript Plugin. Instead, with the Temi API integration, you can access and add all of your Temi transcriptions swiftly from the Transcript Plugin itself.

Learn about how to set up your Temi integration.

Header Color Options

Now you can add a hint of your own podcast or brand colors with header color options available for Pro users! It's pretty easy to set up. Head to Settings > Fusebox Transcript > General tab. If you're a Pro user, you'll see Header Color:

Click on Select Color and pick any color you'd like. It's a hex color picker, so any hex color will work here.

Pick your color and this is what it could look like on the front end:

Pretty neat, huh? You may also notice that we've updated the overall front-end design with a few tweaks to the icons, placement of icons, and have added a "powered by Fusebox" in the bottom-right, which can be turned off for Pro subscribers.

Okay, let's talk about a few minor things we've updated for the players in this release.

Version 2.11 of the Players

In version 2.11 of the Fusebox players, we've added an item, optimized an item, and fixed a few things:

  • Support for Buzzsprout advanced analytics
  • Optimized subscribe/share image sprite

Buzzsprout Advanced Analytics

If you host your podcast on Buzzsprout (a favorite of ours), you will now see analytics in your Buzzsprout stats dashboard! So, anytime someone plays your episode in the Fusebox player, they'll be represented in the Apps section of your Buzzsprout stats. To access that data, login to Buzzsprout and click on the Stats menu. Scroll down to Apps. Here's what that would look like:

And here's what Fusebox would look like in that list:

We're working with Buzzsprout to get our logo in there, so stay tuned for that. 

Finally, for our players, we've optimized the subscribe/share image sprite by reducing the file size so the subscribe/share loads a bit faster. 

In addition to the above updates and new features, we've squashed some bugs! Check out our technical release notes here for the full list.

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