Temi integration

This support article is for Pro subscribers only. Temi integration for the transcript plugin is for Pro subscribers only. If you are a Free subscriber, go here.

Temi Integration with the Transcript Plugin

If you're a Pro subscriber, you will see a Temi Integration tab in your Fusebox Transcript settings (Settings > Fusebox Transcript). Like here:

Next, you'll want to add your unique Temi API User Key.

You will grab this from your Temi account. When you log into your Temi account, click on your profile name in the top-right. Then click on Developer in the drop-down menu. Go to API User Key section and click REGENERATE. If you have already created an API User Key, the screen will look like this:

Copy your Temi API Key and paste it into you Temi API Key spot in your Temi Integration tab. Click Save Changes. Then click Get transcript metadata to pull the transcriptions you have from your Temi account into your WordPress website. You will see those in the Available transcripts section below the button. In the Select transcripts by area, you have four options: Order Number, Client Reference, PO Number, and Name.

Once you do that, you will see your Temi options in the Fusebox Transcript editor at the bottom of your page or post. Remember, you always need to add [fusebox_transcript] shortcode into the text editor of the page where you want your transcripts to show up!

Use the drop-down menu to add which episode transcription you want featured and click Add. And this is what it will look like on the front end:

Note, you can also still upload a .txt file directly from your computer by using the Upload text file button.

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