Fusebox Players 2.10 and Transcript 1.1

Version 2.10 was released in May 2020. In this support doc, we're covering the latest updates to the Fusebox Players and Transcript Plugin.

Version 2.10 of the Fusebox Player

Version 2.10 is here! In this version, we've added:

  • Host migration feature
  • Future timestamps
  • Volume control
  • Loading icon
  • Various bug squashes

Host Migration

The Host Migration feature has been designed to remove the hassle and human-error risk factor from moving a podcast feed from one host to another. For example, let’s say you started your podcast on Soundcloud, but after two years, you decided you would prefer to be on Buzzsprout. Without this feature, after you migrated to Buzzsprout, you would need to navigate through your show notes pages or everywhere on your WordPress site where you have a track player and update the .MP3 link. That’s a big pain!

Avoid that pain by using the Host Migration feature. When you do, the Fusebox Track Player will automatically match the appropriate new host’s URL with the old, then insert the replacement URL into the player so that it’s used any time someone clicks “Play” or “Download”. The replacement happens automatically with no lag in performance, like magic!

For more info about the Host Migration feature, a full walkthrough, and how you can use it for your podcast, click here.

Future Timestamps

With Future Timestamps, you can add .MP3 URLs of scheduled episodes into your list of episodes to set up your clickable timestamps in advance! This feature is a huge help to those podcasters who create their show notes post before the episode is published.

Click here for more info, and instructions on how to set up Future Timestamps.

Volume Control

The Fusebox Players now have volume control! Now listeners can set the volume control directly from the Fusebox Players themselves. Pretty cool, huh. Here's an example:

In addition to those three exciting Player enhancements, we’ve also added a loading icon on the play/pause button as well as squashed some bugs. Now, let's get to what's new in the Transcript Plugin!

Version 1.1 of  the Transcript Plugin

In version 1.1 of the Transcript Plugin, we've added:

  • The ability to update header text
  • Added an on/off download toggle
  • And integrated with Rev!

Update Header Text

With this latest release, you can now add your own custom text in the header area of the Transcript Plugin—whether you want to add your episode title, podcast name, or something else. You can adjust this easily in your Transcript Plugin settings.

Download Button Toggle

Now in your Transcript Plugin settings, you can turn on or off the download transcript PDF option for your podcast listeners.

Rev.com Integration

Finally, we’ve created an API integration with Rev.com, one of the leaders in transcription services! If you have a Rev account, you no longer need to login to Rev, download your .txt file, and upload it to your Transcript Plugin. Instead, with the Rev API integration, you can access and add all of your Rev transcriptions swiftly from the Transcript Plugin itself.

Learn about how to set up your Rev.com integration.

For instructions on how to take advantage of each of these new Transcript Plugin features, check out the Transcript Plugin support doc here.

For the full list of bug squashes and updates for version 2.10, go here.

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