Future timestamps (Fusebox 1.0)

Future Timestamps is a Pro feature and is not included in the Free subscription. For a look at how Pro compares to Free, go here.

If you have an episode in your feed that isn't published yet but is scheduled for future publication, you can use the Future Timestamps feature as part of the "Clickable Timestamps" option in your Fusebox Player Settings to get ahead on your podcast episode show notes pages!

How to Add Future Timestamps

First, go to the Timestamps tab in your Fusebox Player settings. And then click on the second tab: Future episodes. Next, add the mp3 URL of your future episode in the URL of MP3 File field.

(For Libsyn, you'd go to Content > Scheduled for Release > and click on the link icon for the Direct Download URL. For BuzzSprout, you'd go to the scheduled episode and click on Direct Link to MP3 in the right sidebar.)

For other podcast hosts, just make sure you're grabbing the direct download of that episode, which needs to end in .mp3. Copy that URL and past into the URL of MP3 File field. As in this example:

Click Submit and then you will see your mp3 URL in the Currently defined future URLs box at the bottom. Next, navigate back over to the Current episodes tab under Timestamps. You will see that your future episode MP3 is in the drop-down menu of your episodes. See here as an example:

Here's the drop-down menu, Select the episode from your feed. In this example, we've added a scheduled episode of AskPat along with Smart Passive Income episodes! Point is, you can add any scheduled episode from your podcast host.

Remember, as explained in the full Clickable Timestamps article, you'll need to add the reference shortcode to the page where you are adding your clickable timestamps.

Now you can create clickable timestamps with the future episode mp3 URL checked! 

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at help@fusebox.fm. Thanks!

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