Managing Your Podcast with Easy Hosting

Familiarizing yourself with your Fusebox account will help you go even further. So, before you dive into customizing your player, we suggest reviewing the  Show Settings section to make some important decisions about your podcast.

The  Show Settings page displays important information related to your show—more importantly, this information is required to list your podcast on podcast directories. If you try to submit your podcast to a directory before entering the required information, your submission will most likely be rejected.

Please note that if your podcast is NOT hosted with Easy Hosting, your dashboard will look different. Click here to view instructions for podcasts NOT hosted on Easy Hosting.

Finally, making changes inside the  Show Settings page will make global changes to your entire show, not just a specific player. 

Show Settings

From the  Shows page, click Show Settings in the top-left corner. 

Inside the  Show Settings page are several pages that are VITAL to controlling your podcast. They are as follows:

  • Podcast
  • Hosting
  • Branding
  • Directories
  • Player Settings
  • Subscriber Links
  • Plan


  • As a podcast hosted with Easy Hosting, the Podcast Info panel is a key page when getting your show properly configured.
  • From the very basic settings like updating your show's title and description to setting the default time your episodes publish—you'll want to make sure to visit this page. 
  • Make sure to have everything on this page filled out BEFORE you attempt to submit your podcast to a podcasting directory. 


  • Since your podcast is already using Easy Hosting, you'll see it is currently toggled on. 
  • Don't worry, podcast hosting is included at no extra cost to customers on the Starter or Pro plans
  • Should you have any questions about hosting, we recommend checking out our FAQs


  • One of the areas where our podcast players stand out from the rest is how easily we make it to have a player blend in with your website.
  • On the  Branding page, you'll be able to set the default player color. 
  • This will also set the default styling for every Single Track Player.


  • Your podcast grows through listeners. To get listeners, they need to be able to find your podcast.
  • We've assembled the necessary instructions to list your podcast on each of the major podcast directories.
  • Additionally, every directory can be a little different as such, you might want to check out our Hosting and directory FAQs

Player Settings

  • Buttons and switches and toggles! 
  • On the Player Settings page, you'll be able to set the default status for each of the available customization options. 
  • From adding a  Call to Action to adding a custom URL when someone clicks your cover art, you can set the players the way you want inside this page.

Subscriber Links

  • In order for listeners to subscribe to your show on places like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, you need to provide them with the subscriber link to each platform.
  • Once your show has been approved by a podcast directory, you'll receive a unique link that can be used to allow listeners to find your show.
  • Paste in the URLs you've received on the Subscriber Links page to make it even easier for website visitors to subscribe.
  • If you haven't listed your podcast on a podcast directory, make sure to start with the Directories section of the Settings page.


  • Need to upgrade to Pro? Need to downgrade to Starter?
  • This is the easiest place to do it!
  • If you need to cancel your subscription entirely, visit this page instead.

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