Hosting and Directory FAQs

Podcast Hosting FAQs

Does Fusebox limit the number of hours I can upload each month?
  • Nope! Unlike other hosts, we do not have any limit to the number of hours you can upload each month.
  • Podcast as much as you want!
Is there a monthly download or listen capacity?
  • We currently have a limit of 50,000 downloads per month, per show.
  • This number does not apply to "streams", "listens", or "plays" — the monthly limit applies to the number of times the episode is downloaded by a listener, not listened to. 
Can I use Easy Hosting without using the players?
  • Easy Hosting is 100% complimentary to all paid subscriptions. 
  • Meaning, if you choose to use another company's players—that's totally okay. 

Podcast Directories FAQs

How long does it take for a directory to approve a podcast submission?
  • The approval timeline for each directory will vary.
  • While most podcast directories approve new submissions within 24-48 hours, some can take up to two weeks.
  • If you stick to the "Big Three" (Apple, Google, and Spotify), you can expect relatively quick turnaround times.
Do I have to submit my show each time I release an episode?
  • Not at all! After your show has been approved, new episodes will automatically appear on each directory you submitted your show.
  • No need to re-submit your show. The only time you will need to re-submit your podcast is if you change podcast hosts. 
  • It is worth mentioning that similar to how each directory approves shows at its own pace—directories also make new episodes available to your show's followers on their own schedule. 
  • Some directories will detect a new episode mere hours after you publish it—while others can take 24 hours.
Something is wrong with my episode. What do I do?
  • Everything is controlled within your Fusebox dashboard.
  • Uploaded the wrong audio file? Misspelled a guest's name? Simply head to your Fusebox dashboard to make the necessary changes. 
  • Just like we mentioned above, each directory operates on its own schedule. So, your edits might not be "live" for a few hours.
A directory rejected my podcast approval—help?
  • Thankfully, it's not the end of the world if a podcast directory rejects your submission.
  • In their rejection email, directories will usually include a rejection notice detailing why it was rejected. 
    • For example, if a rejection notice states, "missing artist" or "missing email" — you might want to confirm whether you've entered all of the required information inside the Directory Information section of your podcast.
  • Once you've completed the initial troubleshooting steps to self-resolve the issues, try re-submitting your show.
  • We recommend waiting a few hours to give your RSS feed enough time to update with the latest information.

If all else fails or you receive another rejection, send us an email at

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