How to Turn on Easy Hosting

Whether you're brand new to Fusebox or already have an account, we've made getting started with Easy Hosting quite.....easy ;) 

Easy Hosting for New Customers

Start with creating your account. If you haven't already completed that, check out this article to get started. Since you'll be starting a new podcast, Easy Hosting will automatically be turned on. There are no extra steps you need to take.

Easy Hosting for Existing Customers

Available exclusively to our Pro subscribers,  Easy Hosting is a perfect alternative if you're looking to cut costs. 

Here you will find the instructions to migrate your existing podcast to Easy Hosting.

Hosting a podcast on  Easy Hosting is not supported by our Fusebox Player Classic.  If you'd like to learn how to upgrade, click here. If you're not sure which version you have, click here


Log into Fusebox

Begin by logging into your Fusebox dashboard here

Toggle ON Easy Hosting

Click the cover art of the show you'd like to host with Easy Hosting, followed by clicking the Settings tab.

From the Settings page, click Hosting

Finally, toggle on Easy Hosting to begin the immigration from your existing

Since Easy Hosting is included in every paid subscription, there is no extra cost to host your podcast with Fusebox. Our system will find your podcast, connect with your existing host, and migrate over all your episodes.

After your show has completed its migration, you'll want to begin uploading and publishing episodes. You can find the steps here

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