How To Turn On Easy Hosting

Turning On Easy Hosting

Turning on Easy Hosting can be done in just a few clicks!

First, make sure you're currently subscribed to and using Fusebox 2.0. Easy Hosting is an add-on tool available only to Fusebox 2.0 subscribers. 

If you're on Fusebox 1.0 (also known as Fusebox Classic), you must upgrade to Fusebox 2.0 before you can begin using Easy Hosting. Check out this article to learn how to upgrade.

Not sure which version of Fusebox you're using? Check out this support article.

Enable Easy Hosting

  1. Begin by logging into your Fusebox dashboard at
  2. Click the cover art of the show you'd like to host with Easy Hosting, followed by clicking the Settings tab.
  3. From the Settings page, click the Add-Ons menu.
  4. Toggle on Easy Hosting and complete the checkout process in the pop-up window.

Once completed, this will add Easy Hosting to your monthly or annual subscription.

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