Creating and Customizing a Player

Choosing the style and look of your podcast player can be just as important as the function and features. That's why it's important to customize your podcast player the way you want it. 

Below you'll find instructions to create and customize players from your Fusebox Dashboard.

It's important to remember, that the customization and configurations you make  do not affect any other player. If you'd like to make global changes to the default settings of your players or show, we recommend you start with this article.


How to Create an Archive Player

From the  Show dashboard, click the Players tab—followed by clicking the New Archive Player button.

After you name your Archive Player, you'll have the chance to configure the player's settings to your preferences. This includes;

  • Player-specific settings
  • Playlist settings
  • Color settings
  • Call to Action settings

This is where you can make the Archive Player really feel like your own as you can adjust quite a lot. Such as;

  • speed controls
  • subscribe
  • download buttons
  • or the URL that you send people when they click your CTA, etc.

You can even make a curated list of episodes that will display on every Archive Player when you enable the Show Featured Episodes setting.

Should you ever need to edit, change, or delete your Archive Player, simply click the small pencil to edit OR the small trash can to remove an unwanted player—don't worry it won't delete your episodes. 


How to Create a Sticky Player

From the  Show dashboard, click the Players tab—followed by clicking the New Archive Player button

After you name your Archive Player, click the "Sticky" option under the Player Type section.

By default, the Sticky Player is set to pin to the bottom of any page on which it's embedded. However, you can select to have it pinned to the top of the page by selecting "Top" from the Player Position section.


How to Customize a Single Track Player

Unlike an Archive Player or Sticky Player, your Single Track Players are automatically created once a new episode is added to your Fusebox account.

Though, you can most definitely still customize and configure the player to your preference!

Begin by selecting the desired episode from the list of episodes. Just like an Archive Player or Sticky Player, you can customize any setting under the Player, Colors, or Call to Action tabs.

Now that you've configured your players, it's time to learn how to embed them on your website! Click here to find out how.

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