What is the difference between JavaScript and iFrame embed codes?

Building a website is difficult enough! So, choosing between which type of embed code to use is the last thing you want to worry about. Simply put - you want your Podcast Player to work! 

And we have great news! Either JavaScript or iFrame embed codes are compatible with the majority of CMS platforms. Meaning no matter which you choose, they have an extremely likely probability they will work. Be sure to check out on which platforms Fusebox 2.0 is compatible here.

If you're still unsure, we're here to provide some insight that may help your decision. 

As you can see, they look pretty identical on the surface. 

However, let's look a little closer

JavaScript allows elements like icons and menus to expand beyond the boarder or frame of the player.

iFrames operate on a static height

When icons and menu items try to expand, they are contained within a frame; causing users to scroll to get to the items they want.

This is only a single example, but here is a list of why we recommend choosing JavaScript over iFrame. 

- JavaScript is popularly supported by many platforms and browsers.

- JavaScript is accessibility-friendly.

- JavaScript is SEO-friendly.

- JavaScript maintains a clean style when in use.

- iFrame is not as SEO-friendly.

- iFrame does not maintain a clean when in use.

Why you may need to/want to use iFrame

- Your platform doesn't support JavaScript.

- Your platform charges you to use JavaScript embeds.

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