What platforms does Fusebox 2.0 support?

The compatibility will vary depending on which version of Fusebox you're using. 

 Fusebox 1.0 is exclusively compatible with WordPress

Our original WordPress player plugin. Only accounts created prior to January 11th, 2021 will see Fusebox 1.0. If/when an account using Fusebox 1.0 upgrades to Fusebox 2.0 there will be a short transition period during which the user has access to both versions to help with migrating to 2.0. There are no plans to expand platform support for Fusebox 1.0 beyond WordPress.

Fusebox 2.0 is multi-platform compatible.

Available for accounts created on or after January 11th, 2021, or existing accounts that have upgraded, Fusebox 2.0 supports many of the popular CMS, LMS, and eCommerce platforms. Below is a list of platforms on which we have thoroughly tested Fusebox 2.0. As Fusebox 2.0 grows, we will update our list of compatible platforms. 

The absence of any platform below does not indicate its lack of support. In short, if a platform supports HTML embed codes, it will most likely support Fusebox 2.0.

Fusebox 2.0 + Third-party WordPress Editors OR WordPress Classic Editor

  • Fusebox 2.0 is not compatible with the WordPress Classic Editor.
  • Popular Third-party WordPress editors such as Elementor, WPBakery, Thrive, etc. only support the iframe embed code option.

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