What platforms does Fusebox support?

While Fusebox is compatible with a wide variety of CMS, LMS, and eCommerce platforms, there will be some instances of platforms not supporting both our HTML formats and/or overwriting the preferences you select in the Fusebox dashboard.

We recommend if you're building on a CMS, LMS, or eCommerce platform, and you're looking to add a Fusebox player, that you reach out to help@fusebox.fm to confirm our HTML is compatible — To help, we've also included a chart of the most common types of platforms below.

Fusebox Player Classic

This is our original podcast player and is only compatible with WordPress via a WordPress plugin.


Supports many of the popular CMS, LMS, and eCommerce platforms. The absence of any platform below does not indicate its lack of support. In short, if a platform supports HTML embed codes, it will most likely support the new Fusebox.

In other words, Fusebox can go pretty much anywhere you'd like it to go!

Third-party WordPress Editors OR WordPress Classic Editor

The Fusebox WordPress plugin is not compatible with the WordPress Classic Editor. Our Classic plugin is compatible with the WordPress classic editor. 

Popular Third-party WordPress editors such as WPBakery, Thrive, etc. only support the iframe embed code option.

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