What is the difference between a Free and Pro?

If you haven't reviewed the article, What products does Fusebox offer?, we suggest checking that out now as it provides a quick look at what products Fusebox offers and the various scenarios you may want to use them. Otherwise, let's jump into the differences between a Free and Pro

Pro Account vs. Pro Show

First, let's compare the difference between the meaning of the Pro status between Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0.

In Fusebox 1.0 users decided between a Free or Pro account. Pro accounts received a single license key and activation and paid for additional activations, as needed. 

In Fusebox 2.0 every account is free. Users add shows to their accounts and decide whether that show requires a Free or Pro plan

Here are some examples: In Fusebox 1.0, If I had 1 podcast and 3 websites, I would be charged for 3 site activations even though I only had 1 podcast. In Fusebox 2.0, If I have 1 podcast and 3 websites, I will only be charged for 1 show. 

In short, Fusebox 1.0 offered Pro Accounts while Fusebox 2.0 offers Pro Shows.

Free vs. Pro in Fusebox 2.0

Now let's talk about difference between a Free vs Pro Show on Fusebox 2.0.

FREE: Every show receives access to a limited Single Track Player. This player meets the needs of many podcasters and is an excellent way to treat your website to a premium podcast player for no cost! Advanced player features are locked until a show is upgraded to a Pro plan.

PRO: For those who want more control over the look, feel, and functionality of their podcast player - we suggest upgrading to a Pro plan. A Pro plan unlocks all of the player types, advanced customization features, and Pro-exclusive content like Deep-Dive Webinars. 

FREE and PRO: Every Fusebox 2.0 player offers multi-platform support. Period. Whether a show is Free or Pro. Meaning, you may change platforms at any time and still continue to use your players. 

Here is our pricing table that compares the Pro vs. Free plan

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