About Our Products

Since you've found Fusebox, that means you have a podcast and a website, and you're looking for a way to share your podcast in the most elegant and seamless way possible.

In short, we build the tools podcasters want and listeners enjoy.

From the industry's first podcast players to our brand new podcast hosting, Easy Hosting—Fusebox aims to be a necessary resource for podcasters. While that may sound nice, let's share a little bit about the products we offer to help illustrate.

In our current lineup, we offer three main products:

  1. Fusebox Podcast Players
  2. Easy Podcast Hosting
  3. Fusebox Podcast Transcripts

Fusebox Podcast Players

The product that started it all. Formerly Smart Podcast Player, Fusebox is the podcast player from which we get our namesake! 

Fusebox is a dynamic and customizable podcast player that goes where you want it! Built with a custom HTML framework, Fusebox is a simple yet elegant way to share your podcast episodes in only a few clicks.

Sure—you can use the free player that's included with your podcast host. However, we know from experience that  many of these players are not great. Those limited players typically come with minimal customization options and tend to stick out from the rest of a website.

That's why we offer two subscription options, Free and Pro. The latter of which includes three player modes that allow you to embed a player where and how you'd like. Here's a look at our podcast players:

Single Track Player

Archive Player

Sticky Player

Single Track Player (Free Version)

Easy Podcast Hosting

The best podcast host is one you barely notice—a host that makes it easy to get your episodes in front of your audience as quickly as possible. That's why we now (finally) offer podcast hosting to our Pro subscribers. 

While podcast players are, and continue to be our foundation, Easy Hosting became a necessary and vital piece of the puzzle in order to fully serve our customers. 

Fusebox Podcast Transcripts

From boosting your SEO to making your website more accessibility-friendly, posting your episode transcripts is a perfect way to add an extra level of polish and professionalism. 

Whether you're manually entering your episode text or using our integrations with companies like Rev, Temi, ConvertKit, or MailChimp, Fusebox Transcripts is aimed at offering your visitors more than one way to consume your episodes.

Fusebox Transcripts is currently available exclusively for podcasts hosted with Easy Hosting OR any website built on WordPress. 

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