What's the difference between Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0?

Fusebox 1.0 vs 2.0

Before we dig into the differences, let's highlight some of the similarities. Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0 both offer:

  • Elegantly designed podcast players created for podcasters by a team of career podcasters and podcast enthusiasts.
  • A variety of player modes, customization options, and features allow listeners to easily explore your full library. 
  • Some features and player modes are only unlocked with a Pro subscription.
  • Quick and easy setup on your website.

Here is where Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0 are different.

Player Design

  • Fusebox 2.0 received a complete redesign - taking into consideration the tools and features podcasters use. 
    • Fusebox 2.0 introduces new styling, and functionality, and features.
  • Fusebox 1.0 is the same amazing WordPress player plugin you've known. 
    • Previously known as Smart Podcast Player. 

Here is an example of the Fusebox 1.0 Full Player (top) vs. the Fusebox 2.0 Archive Player (bottom)

Here is an example of the Fusebox 1.0 Track Player (top) vs. the Fusebox 2.0 Single Track Player (bottom)

Here is an example of the Fusebox 1.0 Sticky Player (top) vs. the Fusebox 2.0 Sticky Player (bottom)

Fusebox 1.0 - Sticky Player

Fusebox 2.0 - Sticky Player


  • Fusebox 2.0 is multi-platform compatible. 
  • Fusebox 1.0 is WordPress-only.


  • Fusebox 2.0 allows users to select their brand color, customize their player, choose their player type (Archive, Track, or Sticky), and preview their player all from the Fusebox dashboard.
  • Fusebox 1.0 requires users to customize their player within the WordPress Admin panel.


  • Fusebox 2.0 generates an embed code that can be copied and pasted within compatible platforms.
    • Fusebox 2.0 also offers WordPress users an updated plugin compatible with WordPress 5.0 + Gutenberg Builder
  • Fusebox 1.0 must be downloaded and installed on your WordPress Admin settings. 
    • Fusebox 1.0 utilizes the WordPress Shortcode builder within a Page or Post to display the player. 
    • Remains WordPress-only


  • Fusebox 2.0 will receive all future bug fixes, feature enhancements, and product upgrades.
  • Fusebox 1.0 will continue to receive bug fixes until further notice.


  • Fusebox 2.0 is billed by the show as Pro subscriptions are connected to a shows RSS URL. Users can add the player on an unlimited number of websites per show 
    • E.g.: You have 1 podcast and 3 websites, you are only charged for 1 Pro subscription.
  • Fusebox 1.0 is billed by web domain - 
    • E.g.: You have 1 podcast and 3 websites, you are charged for 3 Pro subscriptions. (production and staging environment do not count towards total).

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