What is the difference between Fusebox and Fusebox Classic?

In January 2021, we released a significant update to our platform—the new Fusebox Podcast Players. The following year, in January 2022, we launched our very own podcast hosting service—Easy Hosting.

Wait a second, I'm still using the former Smart Podcast Player version. What does that mean for me?

Well, let's break down the differences between the new Fusebox and Fusebox Classic (formerly known as Smart Podcast Player). There are 5 categories we'd like to draw your attention to...

  • Hosting
  • Design
  • Compatibility
  • Customizability
  • The Future

Podcast Hosting

Every customer subscribed to either a Starter or Pro plan on the new Fusebox has free access to our podcast hosting service—Easy Hosting. Meaning, whether you already have a podcast host or need one to get started—Fusebox has everything you need to upload, host, and share your podcast. 

You can find everything you need to know about easy hosting at the two links below:

*Easy Hosting is exclusively available to customers on the new Fusebox.*


In January 2021, the new Fusebox received a complete redesign, taking into consideration the tools and features podcasters use and want. 

Here are some examples of what each of the players looks like compared to their previous versions.

Fusebox Classic (on top) vs. the new


Gone are the days of being only compatible with WordPress! The new Fusebox is compatible with a wide variety of website builders, learning & course platforms, and online stores! In short, if your platform or builder accepts custom HTML—it will likely support our players. 

Additionally, the new Fusebox offers two ways to embed the podcast players where you want.

  • Direct HTML via our dynamic Javascript and iframe options
  • Traditional WordPress plugin for customers used to manage inside WordPress.

Fusebox Classic remains exclusively a WordPress-only plugin.


Toggles, buttons, switches, and more! With the newest version of Fusebox, the way you can configure the players can truly match your style. No longer does your podcast player have to feel bland or an afterthought. Instead, our players are meant to fit right into your website, online community, or store the way you want it!

You can take a quick look here at how you can customize the players.

The Future

While we currently have no plans to retire Fusebox Classic, we are also no longer releasing product updates or enhancements to this platform. Customers who are currently subscribed to Fusebox Classic may remain active for as long as they'd like. 

That said, the new Fusebox IS the future of our company. All future product updates and enhancements will only be released to customers of the new Fusebox. 

We definitely understand changing platforms can be scary—so, if you're subscribed to Fusebox Classic and have an interest in upgrading to the new Fusebox, feel free to email us at help@fusebox.fm to learn more.

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