What is the difference between Fusebox and Fusebox Classic?

On the surface, our Fusebox Podcast Players may all look the same. However, when you dig in, there are quite a few differences between our WordPress-only plugin and our new Fusebox. 

In short, the differences can be broken down into three categories — Design, compatibility, and customizability. 


The new Fusebox received a complete redesign, taking into consideration the tools and features podcasters use and want. Here are some examples of what each of the players looks like compared to their previous versions.

Full Player (old) vs. Archive Player
Track Player (old) vs. Single Track Player

Sticky Player (old) vs. Sticky Player


Where Fusebox Player Classic was and remains compatible only compatible with WordPress, our new Fusebox Podcast Players are compatible with a wide variety of website builders, learning & course platforms, and online stores!

Built on an adaptable and dynamic HTML code, the new players can work in most places that accept HTML.

In comparison, our WordPress-only plugin version of Fusebox Player Classic is limited to a single CMS builder. 


Toggles, buttons, switches, and more! With the newest version of Fusebox, the way you can configure the players can truly match your style. No longer does your podcast player have to feel bland or an afterthought. Instead, our players are meant to fit right into your website, online community, or store the way you want it!

You can take a quick look here at how you can customize the players.

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