What's the difference between Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0?

Fusebox 1.0 vs 2.0

Before we dig into the differences, let's highlight some of the similarities. Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0 both offer:

  • An elegantly designed podcast players created for podcasters by a team of career podcasters and podcast enthusiasts.
  • A variety of player modes, customization options, and features to allow listeners to easily explore your full library. Some features and player modes are only unlocked with a Pro subscription.
  • Quick and easy setup on your website.

Here is where Fusebox 1.0 and 2.0 are different.


  • Fusebox 2.0 is multi-platform compatible. 
  • Fusebox 1.0 is WordPress-only.


  • Fusebox 2.0 allows users to select their brand color, customize their player, choose their player type (Archive, Track, or Sticky), and preview their player all with from the Fusebox dashboard.
  • Fusebox 1.0 requires users to customize their player within WordPress Admin panel.


  • Fusebox 2.0 generates an embed code that can be copied and pasted within compatible platforms.
  • Fusebox 1.0 must be downloaded and installed on your WordPress Admin settings. Fusebox 1.0 utilizes the WordPress Shortcode builder within a Page or Post to display the player. 


  • Fusebox 2.0 is billed by show as Pro subscriptions are connected to a shows RSS URL. Users can user the player on an unlimited number of websites per show 
    • E.g.: You have 1 podcast and 3 websites, you are only charged for 1 Pro subscription.
  • Fusebox 1.0 is billed by web domain - 
    • E.g.: You have 1 podcast and 3 websites, you are charged for 3 Pro subscriptions. (production and staging environment do not count towards total).


  •  Fusebox 2.0 received a complete redesign - taking into consideration the tools and features podcasters user. Fusebox 2.0 introduces new styling, and functionality, and features.
  • Fusebox 1.0 is the same amazing WordPress player plugin you've known. Previously known as Smart Podcast Player. 


  • Fusebox 2.0 will receive all future bug fixes, feature enhancements, and product upgrades.
  • Fusebox 1.0 will continue to receive bug fixes until the product is retired on [DATE].

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