Fusebox Players: Version 2.8

Version 2.8 was released in mid-April 2019.

Ability to Add Different Sticky Players to Separate Pages

In Version 2.6, we introduced the first iteration of the Sticky Player. Now, in Version 2.8, we've added the ability to create different sticky players, highlighting separate podcast episodes, on separate pages of your website. To accomplish this, follow the directions here:
  1. Open up the WordPress editor for the page where you would like the unique sticky player to appear.
  2. In the main body of the page, create your Fusebox Track Player shortcode [fusebox_track_player] as you normally would.
  3. Type sticky="true" into the end of your fusebox_track_player shortcode. As an example, it could look like this:
    [fusebox_track_player url="https://downloads.pod.co/880b3952-01fd-4595-9b26-7facf8a1541a/7736e462-d92e-4930-9f8c-507ebc037d37.mp3" sticky="true"]

When you add sticky="true" to your shortcode, the track player will be displayed as a sticky player, rather than in-line on the page. Wherever you add this separate sticky player shortcode, this will override the sticky player track you've specified in the Fusebox Player settings. For those pages where you haven't specified a unique shortcode, they will defer to the Sticky Player tab in the Settings menu.

New Subscription Options

In addition to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, BuzzSprout, and others, we've added seven new subscription options for the player, including Acast, Overcast, TuneIn, and more. These can be accessed and updated via the Player Defaults tab in Settings > Fusebox Player. The subscription option will turn bold in the settings when it's in use:

Sharpspring Email Integration

If you're using the email service provider Sharpspring, you can now use Email Integration. Go to the Featured Button, and scroll down to change Featured button function to Email integration. Then toggle the Email service provider to Sharpspring.

To use email integration with Sharpspring, login to your Sharpspring account. Select Content –> Forms. Create a new form, select desired fields, and click save. The Embed code will pop-up. Click the "Manage" Tab and select the form you wish to embed. Scroll down underneath the form submissions graphic and click "embed form" The form will popup.

In addition to the above bigger updates, Version 2.8 also includes:

  • Updated logos for subscription options: iTunes and Google Play
  • Fixed Soundcloud download issue some users had experienced
  • Fixed a few issues with the Featured Button function

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