Configuring the subscription button (Fusebox 1.0)

Subscription options come with the Fusebox Pro subscription only, and is not included in the Free subscription. For a look at how Pro compares to Free, go here.

Setting Up the Subscription Button

On your sticky player, full player, and track player, you will see a circle icon with a ". . ." in the middle. That's where users go to access subscriptions.

Full Player:

This ". . ." icon will open up a menu that looks like this:

This is the subscription button, which will allow you to send users to the subscription of their choosing, including your RSS feed, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, BuzzSprout, Google Play and others to subscribe to your podcast. When your listeners hover their cursor over this button, their subscription options will pop out to the right, like so:

See the bottom of the page for instructions on how to find your iTunes podcast page URL.

Your RSS link (the green icon above) will appear automatically and will be set to your feed's URL. The others can be set individually.

Track Player:

Just as in the full player, click on the "..." menu to open up the subscription options.

And this is what that looks like:

Sticky Player:

The sticky player will also have a "..." menu, but the resulting menu that pops up will look differently than the track player and full player.

Setting the Subscription URLs

There are two ways to add subscription URLs to your player. The first and easiest way is to enter your URL(s) into the Player Defaults menu in the Fusebox Player Settings.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, hover your cursor over Settings and select Fusebox Player.

  3. Click on the Player Defaults tab.
  4. In the Subscription URL boxes, enter the URLs you want users to subscribe to.
  5. Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Overriding the Subscription URLs

Sometimes you may wish to override one of your default URLs, such as when you have multiple podcasts on a single site. To do this, add the following argument into your shortcode:


The above example will change the link under the RSS button. To change the others, you can use the shortcode options subscribe_itunes, subscribe_buzzsprout, subscribe_googleplay, subscribe_iheartradio, subscribe_pocketcasts, subscribe_soundcloud, and subscribe_stitcher.

iTunes links are often quite long. Here is the link for the You, Me, Empathy podcast:


Your shortcode will look like this:

[fusebox_full_player url="" subscribe_itunes="" ]

Note: When you manually type in this argument, it is important that:

  • There are no spaces between subscription, the equal sign, and the quotation marks
  • The URL is inside quotation marks

Finding your iTunes Link

One of the most popular subscription sites is Apple Podcasts, so you'll likely want to share that. This is easy to find.

  1. Open up Podcasts Connect.
  2. Go to My Podcasts (if you haven't added your podcast, do that).
  3. Click on your podcast name and then click on View on Apple Podcasts.
  4. Copy the URL once you click on View on Apple Podcasts.

Finding Your Google Podcasts Link

  1. Open up Google Podcasts
  2. Search for your podcast in the search bar
  3. Click on your podcast
  4. Copy the URL

Find Your PocketCasts Link

  1. Open up the PocketCasts app
  2. Search for your podcast
  3. Click on your podcast
  4. Click share and copy the URL

Find Your Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Overcast, TuneIn, Acast, Podbean, Player.FM, and Spreaker Links

  1. Open up the appropriate website
  2. Search for your podcast
  3. Copy your podcast webpage URL

Removing the Subscription options

If you want to remove a subscription URL, add the following to your shortcode:


For the AskPat podcast, your shortcode would look like this:

[fusebox_full_player url="" subscribe_rss="false" ]

The above example removes the RSS button.  To remove the other buttons, you can either empty their boxes in the Player Defaults settings page, or set the following shortcode options to "false": subscribe_itunes, subscribe_buzzsprout, subscribe_googleplay, subscribe_iheartradio, subscribe_pocketcasts, subscribe_soundcloud, and subscribe_stitcher.  Note that if all of the options are either false or empty, the Subscribe portion of the player will be absent.

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