Fusebox Players: Version 2.7

Version 2.7 was released in January 2019.

More Options for Featured Button (Previously the Email Integration Button)

In Version 2.4, we introduced the first iteration of the Email Integration button, which allows you to embed an html sign-up form directly into your Fusebox Players—enticing your visitors to sign up for your email list on ConvertKit, Mailchimp, etc. 
Now, in Version 2.7, we've changed the name of the Email Integration Button to the Featured Button—because it can now do so much more! Here's what you can do with the Featured Button:


Now you can link to whatever URL you want from the Featured Button section of the Fusebox Player admin panel. Say you have a new blog post you want more eyes on, or a guest podcast spot you want to share with your audience, you can link directly from your Fusebox Players. Here's what that looks like:

And this is the front-end result on your Fusebox player:

Another way to use the Featured Button is with:


This option will let you call a Javascript function. We don't offer support for Javascript; but if you know how to use Javascript, this is for you. Enter the name of a function to call. Don't use parenthesis, and note that the function will be called without arguments.

Specify Track in Sticky Player

In Version 2.6, we introduced the Sticky Player, which featured the most recent episode from your rss feed—magically stuck to the top or bottom of your website. Now, in Version 2.7, you can specify any track you want featured in the sticky player! Here's what that looks like in the settings:

In the Episode URL box, you'll want to make sure you use your track URL ending with ".mp3."

And finally, the last BIG upgrade for Version 2.7 is . . . 

Clickable Timestamps

For a detailed Clickable Timestamps walkthrough, go here.

To access the Clickable Timestamps feature, go to Settings > Fusebox Player and click on the Clickable Timestamps tab. Here's what that looks like:

An example of what the timestamps look like on the front end:

Again, for a complete walkthrough of the new Clickable Timestamps feature, including video, go here.

Here's the complete list of upgrades and additional bug squashes in Version 2.7:

  • Added clickable timestamps feature
  • Additional options for the featured button
  • Option to specify an episode for the sticky player
  • Capability to add the sticky player to an individual page
  • Fixed issues playing Soundcloud tracks
  • Fix for featured episode when sorting by oldest
  • Fix for social sharing email button in sticky player
  • Fixed missing download button with certain share/subscribe settings

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