Configure email for Constant Contact (Fusebox 1.0)

This support article is for Pro subscribers only. The featured button with email integration is a feature that comes with the Pro subscription only. To learn more about how the Pro subscription compares with the free subscription, go here.

For a detailed look at the Email Integration feature, go here. This support article will walk you through how to enable email integration with Constant Contact only (for MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. users, find instructions here).

Important: Constant Contact only allows you to embed their forms one time per page. If you already have a Constant Contact form on the page where you will put your player, you should create a separate sign-up form specifically to use in the Fusebox Player. If you don't, your users will receive an error message when they click the button to launch the form.

How To Enable Email Integration with Constant Contact

  1. Sign in to your WordPress console.
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, go to Settings --> Fusebox Player.
  3. In the Fusebox Player Settings, select the Featured Button tab.
  4. Select Enable-Feature from the drop-down box. When you do, you will see this. (Make sure to change the Featured button function to Email integration.

  5. In the field Button text, enter the copy you would like to appear on your button. Use a short call to action.
  6. Set your Button background color. The text color will be determined by the Theme Style you have chosen.
  7. The Open Call to Action setting allows you to choose if the box will automatically pop up. By default, users will only see your email form if they push the button, but if you choose one of the other two options, the email form will automatically pop up. In the example above, the box will automatically pop up 60 seconds after an episode begins.
  8. In the Call to Action box, first pick Constant Contact from the drop-down menu. At this point, you want to grab both the Inline code and the Universal code from your Constant Contact form settings (*you will need both of these code snippets). Once you create your sign-up form, go to the Sign-Up Forms tab in Constant Contact. That will look like this.

  9. In Constant Contact on the Sign-Up Forms tab, click the little vertical ellipses to access your Inline code. That will look like this.

  10. Copy and paste the inline code into the Inline code from Constant Contact box in your Email Integration settings. Once you do that, click on the Universal Code link in the pop-up. Copy and paste that code into your Universal code from Constant Contact box and hit Save.

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