Where can I find my RSS url?

This support article will show you how to find the correct RSS feed for your players. If your show is available in Apple Podcasts, the most reliable way to find the feed is through your podcast host, whether you're hosting with Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Podbean, or other.

Important note: When you add a URL into the Fusebox players, you need to always include the prefix: http:// or https://.

Find Your RSS Feed with Listen Notes

Listen Notes is a podcast search engine. If you aren't sure what your rss feed is, you can use Listen Notes! (Note: you will need to login to see the RSS feed.) As an example, we've typed in Fusebox Customer Experience Lead's (Nōn Wels) podcast, You, Me, Empathy

Check out Listen Notes here.

Finding Your RSS Feed in Buzzsprout

You can also, of course, grab your RSS feed directly from your podcast host. If you're hosted with Buzzsprout (like Pat's podcast, AskPat), login to Buzzsprout.com, navigate to the Directories tab and click on RSS Feed and hit Copy! 

Finding Your RSS Feed in Libsyn

If you're hosted on Libsyn, like Pat's podcast Smart Passive Income, login to Libsyn.com, navigate to Destinations > Edit or View Existing and copy your Libsyn Classic Feed. As you see here:

Sometimes, even if you're hosting your podcast files on a podcast host like Buzzsprout or Libsyn, you may have run your feed through a plugin like PowerPress. As a fake example, your rss feed via PowerPress would like something like this: yourwebsiteurl.com/feed/podcast.

Finding Your RSS Feed in Other Podcast Hosts

SoundCloud users, you’re our one exception. Let’s take a quick look at the podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire from John Lee Dumas. Instead of an rss feed, you'll grab your podcast page: http://soundcloud.com/yourusername

As you can see, John's Soundcloud URL is: soundcloud.com/entrepreneuronfire

If you have a different podcast host than the above, and want to share with us how you find your RSS feed, please do! We'd love to continue building out this support doc to make it as thorough as possible.

That should help you find your RSS feeds. Let's move onto Getting Started #6!

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