Why are my players not updating?

Have you ever added a player to your website only to realize that you need to make some changes? You may have gone back to Fusebox, made those changes, and clicked save, only to find that nothing was updated on your website. You may have thought that something was broken or that Fusebox wasn't working properly, but don't worry, this is a common issue, and we're here to explain what's going on.

After you've added a player embed code to your website, your website builder takes a snapshot of the HTML code to help reduce page load times. However, when you change the source code inside Fusebox, those changes have to pass through a caching refresh inside your website's web server. This caching delay can make it appear like your saved changes are not making their way to your website. 

The graphic above provides a rough outline of what happens between clicking save and seeing the changes on your website. To put it simply, Fusebox sends your changes immediately to everywhere your player embed codes exist. However, your website builder detects external HTML changes and adds those changes to a queue, which is updated during the next cache refresh.

Although the time it takes to refresh the cache can vary, the average time we typically see is around 30 minutes before your website builder fully makes those changes. So, if you make changes to your player on Fusebox, be patient and wait for around 30 minutes before expecting to see those changes reflected on your website.

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