Make embed code for scheduled episodes

Getting ahead of your work can be fulfilling! For the eager and diligent podcaster who likes to work ahead and pre-embed a Fusebox Single Track Player before the episode is actually published—here's everything you need to know!

Step 1 — Copy Any Fusebox Embed Code

  • Start by copying any embed code of any Single Track Player.
  • In this example, we'll be using the code: <script async data-type="track" data-track="fbx/a7de17a6-dc64-11ec-8d46-ba5fa9561315" src="" ></script>
  • After styling the player how you'd like, paste this embed code on the desired web page for the upcoming episode inside your website builder.

Step 2 — Take Note of the Desired Episode Number

Let's say I have a total of 10 episodes published, and I want to pre-embed a player for episode #11 — which I have not even published yet — all I need to do is remember the number 11.

  • Return to where you pasted the Single Track Player embed code and look for a section marked data-track=
  • This will most likely be a long string of numbers and letters AND it will be different for each episode.
  • Once you've found it, delete everything inside the parathesis
    • In the example above, I will delete "fbx/a7de17a6-dc64-11ec-8d46-ba5fa9561315", and be replacing it with my desired episode number — "11".

Step 3 — Add Your Show ID

  • Return to your Fusebox dashboard and look in the URL Bar the unique combination of letters and numbers appended the end of the URL — Shown below.

  • Copy that number, return to your website builder, and paste it anywhere you'd like — making sure there's a space before and after it.
  • Next, add the modifier data-hash="Show ID from URL" — making sure to paste your Show ID inside the parenthesis
    • In the example above, it would look like data-hash="9qg4wBdxen"

You're Finished

If done correctly, the embed code should go from looking like this:

<script async data-type="track" data-track="fbx/a7de17a6-dc64-11ec-8d46-ba5fa9561315" src="" ></script>

To this:

<script async data-type="track" data-hash="9qg4wBdxen" data-track="11" src="" ></script>

When the new episode finally publishes, and your podcast host passes it along to Fusebox, our database will automatically update the player on your website to the new episode. 

Keep in mind, your website builder does store a layer of cache to help keep things moving smoothly. So, you might have to purge the page cache to get it to recognize the player has updated. 

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