MailChimp Integration

In this article, you'll find the instructions needed to connect the  Fusebox Transcripts plugin to MailChimp.


Create Your MailChimp API Key

Login into your MailChimp profile, click on  Account, then click on the Extras drop-down menu to get to API keys. Click on API keys.

Finally, scroll down to Your API Keys and click  Create A Key. 


Copy Your Audience ID

Instructions from MailChimp can be found here.

This is the Audience name and campaign defaults section (accessed by going to Audience > Settings > Audience name and defaults):

Copy your Audience ID, as shown in the image above.


Connect MailChimp to the Plugin

Return to your WordPress Admin and navigate to the  Fusebox Transcripts settings page. Click the Email Integration tab. 

Select your email provider from the drop-down menu. 

Paste the API Key from Step #1 and the Audience ID from Step #2 in the respective fields.

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