Viewing Your Show's Analytics

Analytics give podcasters the knowledge and insight into what their audience enjoys. 

From keeping tabs on downloads to tracking which episodes are the most popular, the analytics dashboard offers users the important data they need to learn about their listeners.

Analytics Overview

Your Fusebox dashboard offers an analytics overview. The very top of the dashboard displays your total downloads by the show, with options to view the data by different time intervals or custom date ranges.

If your analytics is set to All Shows (by default, it is for multiple shows), you will see the Top 5 Episodes across all of your shows. If you have a single show, you will see the Top 10 Episode

Analytics Full-View

You can also dig into a show's detailed analytics! To view the full list of analytics, click the Shows from the side menu, followed by clicking the desired show's cover art. Finally, click the Analytics tab on the page. 

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