Getting Started #1: Knowing What to Expect

Thanks so much for subscribing to Fusebox! Here's what you can expect from our team and a few things you should know:

  1. We love podcasts. And we love podcasters. (Hey, we're podcasters ourselves!)
  2. Our mission as the Fusebox team is to build a toolbox of powerful software to empower podcasters like you with dynamic ways of energizing your audiences to drive engagement and results. Not just podcast player! We have big plans to continue creating amazing tools for podcasters like you.
  3. There are two subscription options: Fusebox Free and Fusebox Pro

    Fusebox Pro includes: full player (showcase your whole episode catalog), track player (highlight specific episodes), sticky player (feature an episode at the top or bottom of your website), transcript plugin, and access to future Pro features we're actively building. The cost is $96/year or $12/month.

    Fusebox Free includes: the transcript plugin and a limited version of the sticky player only.
  4. We regularly release bug fixes and add new features to our products, so make sure you're subscribed to our email list. Subscribe at
  5. We are committed to you and your podcast success. If you ever need anything, have an issue, or want to request a feature, we're all ears! Please email us: 

Happy podcasting!

The Fusebox Team
Jonathan, Eric, Nōn, Matt, Chris, Darrell, and Pat

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