Uploading and Publishing an Episode

As a podcaster, you'll learn this will be the core area you'll be working inside of as you publish new episodes. 

While we tried to make the uploading, scheduling, and publishing of episodes as intuitive as possible, we figured it would be helpful to recap exactly how to do each of those steps.


Upload Your Audio File

To upload an episode, click the Episodes tab from the top of your dashboard. 

It might not be able to get any easier than this...simply drag and drop your file. That's it.


Enter the Episode Details

This includes adding an episode title, description, and summary, any special guests, and episode number.

Most of these selections are straightforward. However, it's important to settle on a naming convention for your episodes. The easier it is for listeners to find your episodes, the better. 

*Including the episode number in the title is not required. Though, some podcasters prefer to include it.


Schedule and Publish Your Episode

Make your selection between Go live immediately, Leave unpublished, and Schedule for the future.

Finally, click Schedule Episode Details or Publish Episode (depending on which selection you made above.

Once you've uploaded your episode and entered the important episode details, your episode will be listed on the Episodes tab in your dashboard. 

On the Episodes page, you can view, sort, search, and edit any of your episodes.

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