Uploading and Publishing an Episode

Upload an Episode

Uploading and publishing an episode is rather intuitive. The hardest part will be remembering where you saved your audio files. To begin:

  • Click the Shows tab from the left-hand menu.
  • Click the desired show you'd like to upload an episode to.
  • Click the button to search for and upload a file OR simply drag your episode file here

Entering Episode Details

Next, enter in all of the important details for your episodes. 

Most of these details are self-explanatory. To be safe you, we've listed the key details you can enter below:

  • Episode title
  • Episode description
  • Episode summary
  • Artist / guest
  • A choice between default or custom artwork
  • Episode tags
  • Episode number, episode type
  • Explicit content warning

Scheduling & Publishing an Episode

Finally, select when you'd like your episode to publish

  • Go live immediately
  • Leave unpublished
  • Schedule for future

Once you've uploaded your episode and entered the important episode details, your episode will be listed on the Episodes tab in your dashboard. 

On the Episodes page, you can view, sort, search, and edit any of your episodes.

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