I have a lifetime license - do I get Fusebox for free?

To our Lifetime License customers, we greatly appreciate your continued use of Fusebox and hope you're enjoying your podcast player. 

If you're here, it means you're curious about the new Fusebox or Easy Hosting. Here are two options to consider when thinking about switching to the new Fusebox . Though, before we dig in—we'd like to go over what a "lifetime license" is...

For a limited period of time, Fusebox sold a special plan to our Fusebox Classic (former Smart Podcast Player) plugin that granted customers access to our Fusebox Classic plugin for one single-time payment—No recurring payment. No subscriptions.

The purchase of a Fusebox Lifetime License included a single (1), WordPress-only license key to our Fusebox Classic plugin. 

The purchase did not include a "lifetime account". Instead, those purchases were effectively the same thing as a monthly or annual plan, but instead of paying per month or per year, customers opted to pay for their subscription all upfront.

It's worth noting that customers using a lifetime license key can most definitely keep using that platform without any issues for as long as WordPress supports them.

Option 1 — Remain on Fusebox Classic

As a Lifetime License customer, you may continue to use Fusebox Classic (the WordPress only plugin) for as long as we continue to offer and support the product without interruption of service.

We will continue to support Fusebox Classic for as long as WordPress continues to support it. Though, based on the age of the plugin, it is quite possible WordPress may drop support at some point.

Our podcast hosting service, Easy Hosting, is only available to subscribers of the new Fusebox.

Option 2 — Upgrade to the new Fusebox

We currently offer three types of subscriptions to the new Fusebox, two of which include podcast hosting. Click here if you'd like to view our plan pricing.

Additionally, here is a side-by-side comparison of all three subscription types for quick review.

To get started, click here to create your new account.

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