I have a lifetime license - do I get Fusebox 2.0 for free?

To our Lifetime License customers, we greatly appreciate your continued use of Fusebox and hope you're enjoying your podcast player. 

If you're here, it means you're curious about Fusebox 2.0 and what that means for your lifetime subscription.

Here are two options to consider when thinking about switching to  Fusebox 2.0.

What is a Lifetime License?

For a limited period of time, Fusebox sold a lifetime license for a single, one-time payment. 

The purchase of a Fusebox Lifetime License included a single (1), WordPress-only license key that would remain active for as long as we offered and supported said product. No recurring payments, no monthly charges. 

Additionally, the single license key is valid for one (1) domain activation through which users receive product updates and bug fixes. 

This was not a "lifetime account". Instead, this was a one-time payment for a single (1) WordPress license key.

Option 1: Remain on Fusebox 1.0 at no charge

As a Lifetime License customer, you may continue to use Fusebox 1.0 (the WordPress only plugin) for as long as we continue to offer and support the product without interruption of service.

We currently have no plans to discontinue Fusebox 1.0 and if that time ever comes, we will most definitely have a solution in place before changes are made to accommodate Lifetime License customers. 

By remaining on Fusebox 1.0 you will continue to receive updates, bug fixes, and product enhancements.

In short, your Lifetime License will continue to work as expected and as purchased. 

Option 2: Upgrade to Fusebox 2.0 on a new plan

While Fusebox 2.0 no longer offers a Lifetime License plan - we do offer the ability for users with Lifetime License plans to trade in their existing subscription toward a new, 2.0 subscription plan.

If you'd like to learn more about pricing, please contact help@fusebox.fm.

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