How is Fusebox different than other free players?

In life, there are some things worth choosing the  premium option. An extra scoop of ice cream...a cashmere sweater....or the gel pens that write really smoothly. Well, Fusebox is that premium option in the podcasting world. Even better, it doesn't have to cost you anything!!

As a quick Google search will show, there are A LOT of web players from which to choose - many of which are free. Furthermore, we understand that keeping costs to a minimum is important and sometimes essential to running a business. 

However, free is not always synonymous with good. At Fusebox, we go a step further -  premium does not have to be expensive or cost you anything if choose!

Let us highlight a few points about what makes Fusebox 2.0 a premium choice without breaking the bank (or even touching it at all).

Every account is free

Every Fusebox 2.0 subscriber receives free access to our amazing, newly redesigned, and rebuilt  Single Track Player.

Simply bring your RSS feed from your existing host, and you can access our free player!

While this may look like other free players, the Single Track Player was rebuilt from the feedback of our subscribers - a stable player that delivers a consistent listening experience and blends seamlessly into a show notes page.

It's easy to outgrow even the many free players. Whereas the free Single Track Player is a perfect, premium addition to your website.

This is where most free podcast players stop and for many podcasters, that's okay. That's why we made our Single Track Player free to everyone!

Knowing there are some podcasters who may have more than one show, we all every account to add up to  three (3) FREE shows.

It grows with your show

As your podcast grows, so should your tools. This is where Fusebox 2.0 takes a step up from the rest.

Convert your Free show into a Pro show subscription; unlocking the full suite of player modes and customization options. 

Plans to grow even bigger? Add more shows to your subscription and manage them all in one place!

Worried that you may outgrow Fusebox? Many of the podcasting industry powerhouses turn to Fusebox to provide their listening experience, including Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat host, Pat Flynn. 

You can take it with you

Need to change website platforms? Getting a new podcast host? Fusebox 2.0 will still work as our embed codes are multi-host and multi-platform compatible. 

Want to add your podcast to your eCommerce site? Fusebox 2.0 does that too. 

If your CMS, LMS, or eCommerce site accepts HTML, JavaScript, or iFrame embed codes - Fusebox 2.0 can go with you.

We're podcasters like you

Fusebox 2.0 was redesigned, rebuilt, and is supported by career podcasters or podcast enthusiasts. 

Many on our team began podcasting long before they ever joined. And those who don't host a show consume more podcast episodes than they'd like to share!

In short - Fusebox is a podcast player for podcasters and listeners made by podcasters and listeners - We know and understand the struggles of podcasting and therefore, know how to do exactly what you need. What started as a product of necessity has grown into an industry-leading tool used by thousands of shows.

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