Embed Fusebox on Weebly

Using custom HTML and JavaScript code may require a premium or paid plan. Please contact your website platform provider to confirm their JavaScript, iFrame, or HTML compatibility. 

Embedding the Archive & Single Track Player

From the Weebly Dashboard, drag the </> Embed Block onto your page. 

Click Edit Custom HTML and paste in your Fusebox embed code.

Embedding the Sticky Player

From the Fusebox Dashboard, be sure to check the box marked " Stickywhen creating a player

Next, click the  </> Embed Code tab to display your custom embed codes. 

Click the  Copy button to copy the entire code (we recommend using the Copy button to ensure you don't miss any parts if you manually copy it).

From the Weebly Dashboard, click Settings in the top banner-menu.

Next. click SEO from the side menu and paste your Sticky Player code into either the Header or Footer.

Finally, click Save in the bottom right corner. The player will not take effect until you publish your website.

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