Where can I find my RSS URL?

Regardless of where your podcast is hosted, you will need to find the RSS URL to connect with Fusebox

There are many websites you can use to find this key piece of information. Here are a few places that can help.

Option 1 — Check your podcast host

The simplest and most efficient way to find your RSS URL is to contact your podcast host. Each podcast host's support team should be able to provide you with your RSS URL right away.

Inside Fusebox

Here's a look at where to find your RSS feed if you host your show with Fusebox...

Inside Buzzsprout

The RSS URL can be found under the Directories tab by clicking RSS Feed.

Inside Libsyn

The RSS URL can be found under Destinations and clicking Edit or View Existing.

Option 2 — Check WordPress

If you're using our retired Fusebox Classic plugin, you can find your RSS feed inside your WordPress Admin panel. From your WordPress, click Settings and then Fusebox Classic Player.

Option 3 — Use a podcast search engine

Listen Notes is a podcast search engine that allows you to search for podcasts. 

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