Embed Fusebox on Teachable

Using custom HTML and JavaScript code may require a premium or paid plan. Please contact your website platform provider to confirm their JavaScript, iFrame, or HTML compatibility. 

Embedding a player to a Blog Post or Single Page

*These instructions are applicable for the Archive, Single Track, and Sticky Player types*

From the Teachable Dashboard, click the Site button followed by click the Pages button.

Select the desired page by clicking the Edit button.

In the Page Blocks menu, click + Add New Blocks, followed by Custom HTML and Add.

Paste your Fusebox embed code and return to the previous menu screen. 

Your Player will automatically update on your page.

Adjusting the Player Width via HTML

*All sections in Page Blocks Teachable are 100% width, by default. Meaning they automatically stretch the entire width of your site.

You may add custom HTML to reduce the width. Here is an example for adjusting the width of your player:

<div style="max-width: 960px; margin: 3rem auto;">
<script async data-type="archive" data-hash="95zLY3k7o3" src="https://dev.app.fusebox.fm/embed/player.js" ></script>

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