About the Company

Who We Are

Beginning as a tool of necessity for frustrated podcasters in 2015, Fusebox has grown into an industry-leading, premium web player company; offering an unparalleled listening experience through our products. Further setting ourselves apart from the others, we've assembled a team of podcasting all-stars; including career-long podcasters and avid podcast enthusiasts. 

At Fusebox, we help podcasters achieve their podcasting goals. Through our products, we encourage your listeners to explore all that your show has to offer. Through our support, we provide timely and unrivaled customer service; ensuring we go beyond canned replies and chatbots. And through our services, we aim to become a go-to resource for information, guidance, and industry knowledge on your podcasting journey. 

In short, we're podcasters who build products for podcasters. We understand you and your show's needs because we've been there before. And we are dedicated to helping you and your show throughout it all.

Our Core Principles

Your website is where the magic happens.

Podcasting is a powerful form of audience building. But the magic of deeper audience engagement and activation happens on your website. An opportunity to join your private community. A chance to explore more of your valuable resources. An offer to purchase your product or service. Those experiences only happen on your website. That’s why we believe in the awesomeness of uniting the power of podcasting with the fabric of the web: so that podcasters can more fully leverage their podcast to deepen relationships and grow their business.

Podcasting technologies should play well together.

We all are living in the golden age of podcasting. Opportunity abounds for podcasters, podcast listeners, and podcasting companies alike. We’re in this together. We all want podcasts to succeed and thrive. That’s why we believe that the technologies used to bring podcasts to life and extend their reach should play well together. Competition is inevitable, but collaboration is preferable. That’s why we’re building podcasting software that seeks to integrate with as many different forms of podcasting software services as possible. We’ve only just begun.

Never limit the imagination of a creator.

We put our trust and faith in the genius you, the podcaster. You’re the creator, so you should call as many of the shots as possible. Oftentimes, technologies are very rigid and limiting. We believe the opposite should be true. That’s why we’re building our podcasting software to be as useable across the web as possible. From a website to an online course to a private community to an e-commerce storefront and more, our industry-leading web players work anywhere. And we’re hard at work in the workshop building other podcasting tools to extend the reach and value of podcasting interfaces far and wide.

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