FAQ Fusebox Rebrand 2020

As of February 17, 2020, we're now Fusebox (the brand Smart Podcast Player is no longer)—with an expanded vision and a strategic look to the future. The below is a list of frequently asked questions about the change.

Why Did You Change Your Name?

Smart Podcast Player no longer suits us. We want to continue building software that helps podcasters grow their businesses, improve experiences for their listeners, and drive engagement and results. Fusebox is our way of capturing this ethos, to build a toolbox of podcasting software (not just podcast players) for a future of amazing podcasters like you.

Do I Have to Resubscribe to Fusebox?

If you're a current subscriber, no, you do not need to resubscribe to Fusebox. Your existing monthly or annual subscription will transition over to the new Fusebox customer center at my.Fusebox.fm

What's New with a Fusebox Subscription?

All subscribers (both Free and Pro subscribers) will now have access to our Fusebox Transcript plugin at no extra cost. For current paid subscribers (Fusebox Pro), you can login to your new Fusebox dashboard, where you can access all of your existing information such as your license key, payment information, invoices, and player zip file, head to my.Fusebox.fm

Fusebox Pro subscribers get access to ALL versions of the podcast player (full player, track player, sticky player), whereas free subscribers get only access to a limited version of the sticky player and the transcript plugin. For paid subscribers, you will also get access to ongoing webinars and access to Pro features that come with the Fusebox Pro (paid) subscription.

Can I Use the New Fusebox Players on My Non-WordPress Site Yet?

Not quite yet. :D But, we're thrilled to say that we're strategically working on a plan to make a truly platform-agnostic player. Stay tuned!

I'm an Affiliate. What Happens to My Existing Affiliate Links?

Unfortunately, your existing affiliate links will no longer work because we have a new website and URL structure. We're so sorry about the inconvenience this may cause!

So, for example, the old affiliate links were https://smartpodcastplayer.com/pricing/ and https://smartpodcastplayer.com. These won't work anymore. Your new affiliate link will be directed to: https://fusebox.fm. To grab your new custom affiliate links, login to the dashboard here and scroll down to the Links section.

What Are You Building Next?

We can't say exactly, but know that we are dedicated to actively building a (Fusebox!) of tools for podcasters, new and veteran. We love podcasting, and we love podcasts, and the things we're planning out are designed to level up the podcaster and podcast audience experience.

Is Pat Flynn Still a Part of the Company?

Yes! Absolutely. Pat is still very much an integral part of the vision and strategy for Fusebox. As a podcaster himself, he's excited to see where we're taking Fusebox. 

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