What is Fusebox Transcripts?

What is Fusebox Transcripts?

Simply put,  Fusebox Transcripts is a WordPress plugin that creates a space for you to beautifully display your episode transcripts right on your website. Additionally, the Fusebox Transcripts plugin offers your listeners the ability to download a copy or email a copy of your episode transcript with a few clicks. 

From enhancing your website's SEO rankings to providing your audience with an accessibility-friendly way to consume your podcast, showcasing your episode transcripts is a great way to enrich your web listening experience.

Want to see the Fusebox Transcripts in action? You can check it out here, under the Resources section.

Fusebox Transcripts does NOT transcribe your podcasts for you. 

To display your episode text, you must either (1) manually enter your episode text, or (2) connect the plugin to a transcription platform, such as Rev or Temi.

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