Fusebox Players: Version 2.5

In August 2018, we released Version 2.5 of the Fusebox Player. The below are the updates and fixes included in Version 2.5!

Redesign of Mobile Track Player Design

We weren't 100 percent happy with the previous design of the mobile track player, so we overhauled it, making it better looking and more user-friendly for your mobile screens! 

Here's what the track player used to look like:

And here's the updated redesign of the mobile track player:

We made this change to create a more consistent look between the mobile full and track players.

New Speed Options

Now your audience can listen to your podcast with a whole bunch of new speed options! Previously, options included: 5.x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x. 

In addition to the speed options above, in Version 2.5 we added the following new speed options: 1.25x, 1.75x, and .75x. 

Subscription Buttons on Track Player

You can now add subscription options to your track player! In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Fusebox Player > Player Defaults > Subscription URLs, and you'll see a checkbox that says, Include subscription option in track players. Check that box if you want subscription options to show up in your track player in addition to your full player.

If you have multiple podcasts on one website, we recommend unchecking the box because the subscription settings only contains information for a single podcast. So, instead, if you have multiple podcasts on your website and want to feature subscription options for each, uncheck the Include subscription option in track players and use the following shortcodes:
  • To turn subscription options ON, add the following to your shortcode: subscribe="true"
  • To turn subscription options OFF for specific track players, add the following to your shortcode: subscribe="false"

Option to Hide Fusebox Logo

When the player loads, the default is that it shows the Fusebox logo as the player is loading. It's only brief, but a few users wanted the option of removing the Fusebox branding. To hide the logo when your player loads, go into your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Fusebox Player > Advanced > Fusebox logo when loading and toggle the option to "No."

Miscellaneous Fixes in Version 2.5

  • Fixed text selection bug when clicking controls
  • Fixed downloading issue for some browsers
  • Fixed issue with Constant Contact email integration
  • Fixed conflict with Ninja Forms

Any questions? Please let us know by emailing help@fusebox.fm.

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