Changing your player color (Fusebox 1.0)

Highlight color comes with the Fusebox Pro subscription only and is not included in the Free subscription. For a look at how Pro compares to Free, go here.

The player's default color is green, but you can customize it to any color that you'd like. You can change the color on a case-by-case basis, but if you plan to use the same color each time, we recommend entering the color into the plugin's default settings.

Setting the Highlight Color

You can specify separate player and link colors in the Player Design Settings area of the Fusebox Player's Default Settings. Watch the excerpt from the  full tutorial on Player Default Settings below.

You can specify a separate color for your Highlight Color, which controls the color of your play button, progress bar color, and link color. The player will default to green in both cases, but you can choose whichever color you want.

To choose your Full Player Highlight Color or Track Player Background, you just need to:

  1. Click on Select Color.
  2. Click on your desired color in the color picker, or enter the hex value.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Using the Shortcode Builders

Both the full player and the track player shortcode builders allow you to specify a six-letter /number hex color. For the full tutorial on using the full podcast player's shortcode builder, go to this post. For the full tutorial on using the individual track player, go to this post.

Set the color in the Player color (Hex) # (Color (Hex) # in the Fusebox shortcode builder) box.

Entering Colors Manually

Hex Codes

You can manually enter hex codes into the shortcode:


Your player shortcode will look like this:

[fusebox_full_player url="" color="fdf7b7"] 

The color="hex value" will change the color of the completed portion of the progress bar, the play button, and the "now playing" icon in the playlist.

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