Is Fusebox Compatible with Amazon S3?

Fusebox Compatibility with Amazon S3

Thanks for the question! We don't have any documentation specifically for S3, but we've had reports from customers who use it successfully with the player. As long as you have both a podcast feed and individual links for each episode, the players will work. So, yes, technically Fusebox players are compatible with Amazon S3.

We do know for sure that Amazon S3 will give you individual URLs for each episode, which is what you need for the Track Player to work (for individual episodes). 

Don't forget to make your files publicly available in the S3 permissions set so that your listeners can access them.

What's not fully clear for us is if Amazon S3 makes it easy for you to create a podcast feed, which is what you need to make the Fusebox Full Player work. If they don't have a tool to help you with that, you can use the Blubrry PowerPress plugin to create a podcast feed.

If you have any other questions about Amazon S3 compatibility with the Fusebox players, please don't hesitate to reach out. And if you're using Amazon S3 with your player, and you have some new information we should add here in this documentation, please let us know!

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