What are shortcodes?

Fusebox Player Shortcodes

Our Fusebox Players work with shortcodes. A shortcode is a piece of code that you add to your text editor in WordPress. Here are some examples.

Full Player Shortcodes:

The full player shortcode only works with your podcast host RSS feed.

This full player shortcode is pulling the default RSS from your player defaults in your Fusebox Settings: [fusebox_full_player]

This full player shortcode is overwriting the default RSS feed and default show name from your player defaults, using the shortcode builder to add a new RSS feed and show name: [fusebox_full_player url="https://feed.pod.co/you-me-empathy-sharing-our-mental-health-stories" show_name="You, Me, Empathy" ]

Track Player Shortcodes:

You have two options with the track player shortcodes: 

  1. Highlight the latest episode in your feed. The player will then always show the the most recently published episode from your feed, and works with your RSS feed.
  2. Highlight a specific episode in your feed. The player will always show that specific episode, and works with a direct .MP3 link.

Here's an example of the highlight the latest episode in your feed:


The above example is pulling from the default RSS feed. If you override your default RSS feed in the shortcode builder, it would look like this:

[fusebox_track_player_latest url="https://feed.pod.co/you-me-empathy-sharing-our-mental-health-stories"]

Here's an example of the highlight a specific episode in your feed:

[fusebox_track_player url="https://pdcn.co/e/https://downloads.pod.co/880b3952-01fd-4595-9b26-7facf8a1541a/df485dc9-a51a-4e3e-a631-85ca28a6360f.mp3"]

Note the URL: it ends in .mp3. Make sure yours ends in .mp3.

Shortcode Options

This is a comprehensive list of all the elements you can add into the shortcode for your full player [fusebox_full_player], sticky player, and track player [fusebox_track_player]Note: “default display” means this is what will happen if you do nothing.

Fusebox Player Shortcodes

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