Javascript and CSS file naming (Fusebox 1.0)

The Fusebox player plugin loads two files into the web browser: a Javascript file and a CSS file.  The version numbers of these files are identified within the filename.  For example, in version 2.2, the files are "main-2.2.0.min.js" and "style-2.2.0.css".

Prior to version 2.2, the version numbers of these files were identified using a query string.  For example, the Javascript file was loaded as "main.min.js?ver=2.1.0".

Some folks may want to restore the old behavior. For you, we offer the option to go back to the old method, adding the version number to a query string instead. This is available in Settings -> Fusebox Player -> Advanced -> Javascript and CSS file versioning. If you do change this option, please check your performance and caching plugins after every update to be sure the correct Javascript file is being loaded. 

(This change was made because many performance plugins remove the query string, resulting in the wrong Javascript file being loaded and causing the player to malfunction.)

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