Limit the number of episodes (Fusebox 1.0)

The full player comes with the Pro subscription only and is not included in the Free subscription. For a look at how Pro compares to Free, go here.

How to Limit the Number of Episodes in Your Full Player

To limit the number of episodes that display in the full player, add to your shortcode  episode_limit="20" replacing "20" with the number of episodes you want to display. This shortcode option allows you to adjust episode limits per specific player (as in if you had one player you want to limit to 20 episodes and another player you want to limit to 15 episodes, for example). If you don't need that customization, the easiest way is to set your episode limit in your Player Defaults.

What Is an Episode Limit?

Once you have been podcasting for a while, you may wish to limit the number of episodes that you display in the full player. This feature is specifically geared toward users with podcasts based on current events, where older episodes are no longer relevant.

Episode limits allow you to determine how many episodes will display in the player. Here's a normal player:

Player with No Episode Limit

Player with Limit of 20 Episodes

Note that the numbers aren't matching. That's because this podcast (You, Me, Empathy) has 121 episodes (as of March 2020) plus a bonus episode that doesn't have a number. So because you see 20 next to episode 121, for example, an easy way to fix this is to add show_episode_numbers="false" in your shortcode. Then it looks like this:

Note: If you're seeing an episode limit put on your podcast feed and you don't have a limit in your Player Defaults or in the shortcode, it's likely coming from your podcast host, so be sure to check in your podcast host settings to see if there's an episode limit set. As always, please email us if you have questions!

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