Can I Use the Fusebox Player to Play Multiple Feeds (on one or more sites)?

This is a common question we get, and it usually comes in one of two forms:

Version 1: Can I use the Fusebox Players to play multiple feeds on one WordPress site?

Answer: Yes! You only need a single Fusebox Pro subscription (a single license) to use our players on one WordPress installation, even if you would like to play more than one feed on your site. You simply need to create a different shortcode specifying the unique RSS feed for each podcast—check out Getting Started #7: Adding the Full Fusebox Player to learn how to do that.

Version 2: Can I use the Fusebox Players to play one or more feeds on more than one WordPress site?

Answer: Yes, but you'll need to add an additional site activation for each WordPress site. You can add an additional site activation directly from your Fusebox dashboard. (Go to Billing > Active Sites > click on Add More Sites to Your Plan.

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